Men’s Shed*

Welcome to Kew Men’s  Shed.

For more than ten years  our Shed has brought together men from Kew and surrounding areas of Boroondara. Most of our members are retirees but we also have some who are still in the workforce but simply enjoy being part of the Shed community.

It is the guiding maxim of the Men’s Shed movement that, unlike women, men tend not to talk face to face.  They talk shoulder to shoulder.

Our Shed focus is on woodworking – whether it’s just fixing a broken toy from the local toy library, helping with maintenance around the Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre, or actually making stuff. Like most Men’s Sheds it can be noisy, smelly, dusty, hot during summer & cold during winter but it’s always friendly and laid back. No experience or expertise necessary!

The Shed has many tools and machines that are sharp and potentially hazardous. You will need to satisfy us that you understand the dangers and can work in a way that minimises risk to yourself and others.

Men’s Shed Products for Sale   Men’s shed sale items

You can bring along a project of your own or perhaps help someone else. Please be aware that you will be responsible for your own activities – we do not run classes of any kind.

Need something repaired?  Contact us for a quote.

If you are interested in coming for a look around and a chat please contact us on 9853 3126 to arrange a time to meet


Wednesday 10AM – 3PM  OR Friday 10AM – 3PM

*KNLC strives to create a safe and inclusive space for the LGBTQIA + community. People of any gender, sexual orientation, culture and background are welcome here