Digital Literacy & E-business

This course is a soft entry to assist people with returning to study or exploring options for further study, volunteering, employment or small business. The rationale behind offering the short hours course is to entice people to participate in a pathway course that is relevant and practical for digital literacy skill and knowledge acquisition.

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Work Ready & Interview

This course is a soft entry to assist people who wish to return or enter into meaningful employment or volunteering opportunities.

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Leap Into Industry

This course is a soft entry to assist people who have left education early, are returning to study or are looking for new employment opportunities but are reluctant to engage or commit to long term learning to explore areas that may provide opportunities for further study, volunteering or employment.

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New Pilot Hospitality Engagement & Employment Training Program

This is an intensive pre-accredited pathways program for those wanting to work in the hospitality industry.

This program will cover the following areas and develop skills in:

Kitchen Hand
Customer Service
Basic barista and food handling

It will be complemented with work ready tools and onsite industry experience. Course commences soon, numbers are limited.

Please call the office for further details.

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Know Your Ipad

Join us in a relaxed environment, become familiar with settings & touch screens, internet browsing, photo, download apps and more.
Monday 9-11.30am

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Build Your Own Website

We will create a free account on WordPress and design a basic website for bloggers, artists or small businesses based on your own interests and needs. Please note that you may want to upgrade to a paid plan once you have your website ready to access more options like connecting your own domain.

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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

This course provides Social media marketing skills for small business. It provides a pathway to small business start-up, workplace technology at KNLC, Cert IV business or small business employment.

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Introduction to Social Media Influencer

As a precursor to Taster in Beauty, Taster in Fashion, Small Business Start up or Introduction to Creative Industries, the LEAP Social Media Influencer course will enable disengaged and disadvantaged learners to feel comfortable in a learning environment and develop confidence in their ability to achieve employability skills and new industry skills which can lead to pre-accredited, accredited trainining and employment. The course will cover digital devices, social media applications and marketing.

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