Skills for Work & Study – Building & Construction

This is a pre-accredited literacy and numeracy course that is contextualised to the needs of building and construction industries and has been developed as a part of the Industry Contextualised Pre-Accredited Literacy and Numeracy Program. It targets people who are not engaged with work or learning who require development in their literacy and numeracy skills, so they can either access opportunities in these growing industries and/or undertake vocational training at Certificate II or III level.

Skills for Work & Study – Community Services

This is a pre-accredited Literacy and Numercy (L&N) course that is contextualised to the Community Services sector. It is a preparatory level course for vulnerable individuals not engaged with either work or learning. The course aims to develop learners’ literacy and numeracy capabilities and understanding of Community Services as a pathway to the pre-accredited course ‘Fast track your career in Community Services’ or Certificate II in Community Services. It introduces learners to vocabularly related to and the experience of undertaking training. In addition, it aims to improve learners’ employability skills and develop their confidence to take part in further training in Community Services.

Know Your Ipad

Join us in a relaxed environment, become familiar with settings & touch screens, internet browsing, photo, download apps and more.

Fit at Home

Learn how to complete fun and challenging workouts at home. Take part in resistance training sessions using only a chair, two soup cans and your body!
You maybe eligible for HACC supported place if you are experiencing social isolation due to anxiety.

Creative Your Own Roadmap Out Of Covid

Facilitated by an experienced councellor/coach with a background in pyschology. An additional hour is allocated for one on one coaching. The focus will be on Empowering yourself, looking after your health and wellbeing, building confidence, managing finances and much more.

Gardening Group

Join our resident horticulturist, Michele, talking all things gardening. All sessions are FREE! Book into one or all!
Week 1 – update on what’s been happening at KNLC during lockdown
Week 2 – update at Willsmere garden and spring/summer planting options
Week 3 – citrus tree maintenance and care guide
Week 4 – Garden recycling options at KNLC: from kitchen – compost bin – worm farm – compost pit – into the garden – grow the produce – into the kitchen – cycle starts again.

Build Your Own Website

We will create a free account on WordPress and design a basic website for bloggers, artists or small businesses based on your own interests and needs. Please note that you may want to upgrade to a paid plan once you have your website ready to access more options like connecting your own domain.
Wednesday night class online

Quick Dance

On Tuesday and Thursday Mornings 9.45AM-10AM a zoom session of light stretching and simple dance moves. It’s great fun and a good way to start the day. To join the sessions please contact the Centre on 9853 3126 for the zoom code.

Building & Maintaining Confidence

Feeling anxious during these challenging times, need extra support to rebuild confidence, engage socially in a community setting and then transition back to education or employment.

The focus will be;
Building and maintaining confidence during challenging times
Analyzing and negotiating tricky personal and other interactions
Managing finances
Looking after your health and well being
Presentation skills, language you use and body language
Goal setting, analyzing strengths and areas of self-development including priority setting

Small groups, facilitated by an experienced counsellor/coach with a background in psychology and extensive community services experience.

Weekly sessions of 2 hours, with an additional hour allocated for one on one assistance.
When: Fridays 10am-1pm
Cost $20 per term or no charge to concession cardholders.
Location – ZOOM sessions initially (transitioning to 2-12 Derby Street, KEW when safe).
For further information contact: Alison Kieffer or 9853 3126